Singing (Singers) – How People Walk (Alexander Technique, Posture, Pain, Strain, Injuries)(Albuquerque)

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Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. (MOVEMENT THERAPY)

I live in an apartment complex on the ground floor with an apartment above me. There have been four different tenets above me.

So, here I am, an Alexander Technique teacher, and I just realized that there was an article to be written on how these people walked around above me. (My ceiling is not soundproof or insulated.)

Two of the tenets above me were either really heavy or simply inconsiderate. But, in two of the cases, the people who have lived above me were not big people and were really thoughtful about not making too much noise.

So, what is this article about?

It is about the fact that when walking, almost ALL people stomp.

It finally dawned on me even more profoundly, with the stomping coming through the ceiling, that nearly all people walk heavy, and that they beat up their bodies the way they walk. (We’re not talking running here, where most people obviously ruin their knees and hips the way they run.)

It is my job as an Alexander Technique teacher to teach clients to do all of their daily activities, specialized or mundane, in a way that they do NOT harm themselves.

So, here I am, having lived below four different sets of people, and they ALL stomped around. No wonder that by the time they get old, they will have bad knees, bad hips, and stooped over posture.

Why do I feel there is this essay in my apartment experience as an Alexander Technique teacher. We Alexander teachers work with clients with bad posture who walk badly all of the time. But, there has been something very profound about REALLY HEARING foot steps reverberate through my apartment.


This is totally unnecessary, because an Alexander Technique teacher can teach any client how to walk, run, and move without creating joint compression.

The Alexander Technique teacher teaches clients to be completely vertical in walking, and to use their legs and knees in a forward way of movement and not a falling down way of walking.

Why do people walk falling down? There are two main reasons.

The first is that when we’re walking, we’re so focused on where we’re going, that we’re literally being pulled leaning forward off balance on the way to the goal. The second is most therapists and most walking articles describe walking as falling forward, and placing a foot to fall down onto just before we fall over.


So, walk or run to a Certified Alexander Technique teacher, but try not to do any more damage to your body before the Alexander Technique teachers shows you how to walk and run and move without wear and tear.