Piano – Original Habits and Beliefs (part 2) (Musicians)(Psychology)(Pain)(Strain)(Injuries)(Posture)(Alexander Technique)

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In the Alexander Technique a physical habit resists change, because it is oh so familiar and feels oh so right until it doesn’t feel right, hurts you.

My oldest beliefs about myself and others, “chosen” as early as one-years-old still feel so overwhelmingly true. They ain’t!

What do I do about this? These beliefs stand between me and God and myself and others and eternity.

It is the extraordinary overwhelming RIGHTNESS of these not true beliefs that are still running me. You would think I could stand up these false beliefs no matter how right they feel, since I see what is happening.

When I’m in the middle of a defensive reaction to myself and/or others, I go stupid, and my feelings make what is wrong feel irresistibly right, and I MUST go with my feelings, and go for the jugular.

This means what is NOT true is overwhelmingly true to me in that moment of fear, and I go insane.

What is it that must happen, so that what isn’t true, isn’t true to me anymore?

Here and now, I don’t see a solution, because what is not true feels so inherently right to me still.

What does a person do, when they know what is not true is what they live by? What I know is not true, at least for me, is true for most everybody.

I believe I am an eternal indestructible needless spirit of God.

This is not how I interact. I relate to others as a mortal frightened dying body, and they of course do the same to me. The difference is they are not challenging their fundamental human beliefs they consider absolute truths.

So, how do I flip and exist as a fearless eternal needless holy spirit 24/7?

It isn’t about me transforming, but about me ACCEPTING what has always been the immutable eternal truth of me, and living it by existing in it.

How do I do let this, or let God do it for me?

It is a very very strange thing to KNOW something already is, but be incapable of accepting/living it. A major part of my problem is there is zero support for what I believe. No one I know believes what I believe and is certainly not living it. And our surroundings deny the truth of eternal life, with everything and everyone dying or disintegrating, with no exceptions I’m aware of.

So, here and now? What’s a fallen holy spirit to do? IDENTIFY WITH BEING SPIRIT!

How do I fully identify with being spirit, given that who I’ve been has identified 100% with being a body?

The problem is that I can’t identify with being spirit, when who I identify being right now feels so overwhelmingly strong, that I can’t win against who I am as a body.

This isn’t true to me, but is sure feels like it is.

So, how do I be the spirit eternal I already am, and not be a dying body that cannot win? Can I be a spirit wandering around in a body here in this physical world?



I have to accept I’ve been wrong about everything I’ve believed. How do I make what was never true not true to me now?

It is extraordinary how powerfully what we came to believe at an early age about ourselves, others, and the world, defines who we are.

So, is letting go of my early beliefs the death of me? Do I interpret doing everything and believing everything the opposite now as a threat to my existence?

I must. How do I get over this hump?

I must accept that I can let go of believing everything I believed was true, and THAT I STILL WILL EXIST, WON’T BE DEAD.

To be human, a body, you are only what you have experienced and what you believe. A person/body does not exist in any way independently of his or her beliefs and experiences and past actions.

What I just wrote isn’t new to me, but remembering/believing/living it is for me. Because when push comes to shove, I let what I believed and experienced in the past define who I am in that confrontive moment, and determine how I feel and deal with the person or situation or myself.

As spirit I am NOT my experiences. I of course remember all I have experienced, but I am only defined by the fact that I exist, not by what I’ve been through or believe.

Does this aha moment change anything in me, allow me to stop being run by what isn’t truth to me anymore?

Let’s go even deeper into being so tied to your beliefs and experiences and habits in daily activities, that it is intolerably scary to not define yourself by these things.

If you think about it, of course you continue to exist, to be sentient, even if you don’t identify with the above.



Why do we need our beliefs and habits so strongly to feel like ourselves? Theoretically they give us an anchor, a place to venture from with a strong sense of center.

The problem is, this center is in the past, and will not allow us to exist in the present.

What’s so scary about existing completely in the present as spirit?

To do so, is to stop existing as the person you chose to mold yourself into. If you cease to be that original person, then you cease to exist!


Two things that keep you a body:

The first is when you molded yourself into the person/body you are, you did it completely unconsciously and from birth, maybe even before birth. So, who you became feels so inherent to who you are, so familiar, so absolutely necessary for your very existence.

The second is all of the fallen spirits around you from your birth on tell you you’re a body just like them, and so you don’t even consider the possibility they’re wrong.

Think about what you would be like to remember everything you’ve experienced and believed, and not be in any way be limited by these experiences?

In this place I would exist free of fear and anger and limitation, and be in a perpetual state of bliss and joy and needlessness.

I should try it. I might like it like Mikey liked Life Cereal in the old commercial.

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