Golf – Injuries, Tension, Pain, Strain, and Great Technique (Sports)(Albuquerque)(Posture)(Alexander)(Hurting)(Method)(Athletes)

My ebook, The Alexander Technique Applied to the Golf Technique of Tiger Woods, is published on this website in a PDF format. It is very detailed and practical, and it will give you the physical tools you need to take the limits off of your ability to play golf with ease, power, pain-free, and with accuracy.
This ebook is also for sale on all AMAZON websites in a KINDLE format.
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What I do in this ebook is look at what Tiger Woods says and illustrates about golf technique in his book “How I Play Golf”. I take what Tiger Woods does, and I apply the Alexander Technique principles of good posture and good body use to this specialized activity. I show how the Alexander Technique can further refine technique in golf, by taking tension and effort out of the drive, putting, and chipping.

When the club is swung there has to be flow throughout the whole body. If the golfer is trying to gain control of his or her swing with unnecessary tension, this tension over time causes wear and tear to the joints. This wear and tear will lead to pain and injury, and the quality of the player’s game will go down. You do not have to ever injure yourself in golf, if you use the postural principles described in detail in this ebook.

This ebook assists the golfer is finding a truly aligned head, neck, and torso, which gives the golfer the alignment to hit the ball incredibly far and accurately without causing wear and tear and injury to the back. Many golfers are not aware that their heads are falling forward and downward as they position themselves to hit the ball.

This ebook, The Alexander Technique Applied to the Golf Technique of Tiger Woods, describes in detail playing golf consciously, by using the principles of the Alexander Technique to play with as much ease and balance and power as a natural dancer. I’m a certified Alexander Technique teacher. I used the principles of the Alexander Technique to change the way I did athletic activities. I went from being a lumbering weightlifter, to someone who moved with poise and balance, and I stopped causing pain, strain, and injury to my body.

The Alexander Technique is unique because it asks you to do very specific things to help you play golf without hurting yourself with compression between the joints. The Alexander Technique also does another thing that is unique in this movement technique. It helps you identify any misconceptions you have about golf technique.

Example: Many golfers are taught to stick their butts out to align the torso over the legs. The problem with this is that it causes many golfers to arch their lower backs. When the golfer drives the ball, this over-arching and tension in the lower back can cause lower back problems over the time. The hips are part of the torso, and the lower back, or waist, is not a joint.

The sections of this ebook are: The General Principles of the Alexander Technique and Tiger Woods’ Golf Technique, Posture in Golf, Posture and Technique in Driving, Posture and Technique in Putting, Holding the Club, Standing on Uneven Ground, Troubleshooting, Guided Whole Body Release before Playing Golf; When You’re Not Doing Something, Don’t Continue to Do It; and Accuracy: Hitting the Mark.

It is the intention of this ebook to help you find the most mechanically advantageous way to play golf. This ebook is filled with concepts that will help you find a way to play golf, so that the game is easier and kinder to your body.