Classical Guitar – Injuries, Tension, Pain, Strain, Great Technique (Albuquerque)(Musicians)(Psychology)(Posture)(Alexander Technique)

This ebook, An Alexander Technique Approach to Classical Guitar Technique, is published in a PDF format. It is very detailed and practical, and it will give you the physical tools you need to take the limits off of your ability to create the accurate guitar technique you want without sacrificing your body.
This ebook is also for sale on all AMAZON websites in a KINDLE format.
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It is the goal of this ebook to help you find a personal guitar technique that prevents and/or heals injuries on the guitar caused by playing with too much tension and poor posture that causes pain and strain.

Before coming to the college I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist, and I used what I learned as a student to solve the problem, and I never hurt again. This ebook goes into great practical detail to explain how to press the strings cleanly without staining your hand, wrist, and left shoulder.

I also go into great detail explaining what I learned from Williams and Bonell about creating a huge, clean, and effortless right hand technique, so that as you play louder and louder the quality of the sound doesn’t suffer.

I also look at the whole body posture with the guitar and show you how to sit fully upright with ease and flow in your body. You never need to lock a single muscle in the body to play fully upright on balance and with power and precision. The technique I present here works whether you use a footstool, whether you raise the guitar with an insert between the guitar and your leg, or whether use a shoulder strap.

What I also bring to this ebook, is that I also worked intensely an Alexander Technique teacher while I was in London, and the combination of the Alexander Technique and amazing guitar teachers and performers got me out of physical trouble permanently. In this ebook I offer everything I did and learned about playing the guitar with ease and painlessly.

I am also a certified Alexander Technique teacher, and in writing this article I married everything I learned about classical guitar technique from Williams and Bonell to everything I learned about body use in the Alexander Technique. I am offering in great detail a manual for playing the guitar without pain or strain or injury.

In this ebook, The Kind Classical Guitar Technique and Alexander Technique Approach to Guitar, I look at general principles of good posture and great guitar technique, and I offer you a way to see if what you are doing on the guitar works. If you are in pain and hurting, then you are doing something that is hurting you. It actually may not be bad technique or bad posture. It may be that you are playing making too much effort – using too much muscle to play the guitar. In the ebook I offer you tools and principles, so that you can raise your awareness level and play the guitar using half of the effort and get twice the results.

In finding a way to play the guitar without pain, strain, and injury and trusting yourself to perform accurately, you will rush to practice and not worry about whether you will play well that day. This ebook describes clear ways to find the zone and to continue to play in the zone consistently.