Conducting (Conductors) – Injuries, Tension, Pain, Strain, and Great Technique (Musicians)(Albuquerque)(Psychology)(Posture)(Alexander Technique)

This ebook, An Alexander Technique Approach to Conducting (Conductors’) Technique, is published in a PDF format on this website. It is written to give the conductor very detailed information on technique and posture when conducting.
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This ebook is written to give specific and practical suggestions to help the conductor conduct without causing any wear or tear or pain or injury to the conductor’s neck, back and shoulders.

If your conducting technique is causing you to hurt, then you are doing something wrong, and this doesn’t have to happen. Too many conductors assume that at some point they will get into physical trouble, and that this is unavoidable. This is not true! In many cases a conductor who has gotten into physical trouble doesn’t know why. The conductor may be conducting with too much tension and trying too hard to conduct with precision. In this ebook I explain how to do less work to create a more effortless technique and posture, and to conduct with great precision with trust.

Posturally, so many conductors hunker down when they lift their arms to conduct, and they immobilize their shoulders. This does not have to be! In this ebook I explain how you can be fully upright when you conduct, and how to be fully upright using less muscle, than when you are hunkered down supporting your arms.

I also talk about conducting with a free neck, and how to conduct with intensity without tensing the neck and the body. There is truly no need to lock a single muscle anywhere in the body as you conduct. When you conduct you are in continuous movement. If you try to hold a static position, you will cause your neck, back, and shoulders to hurt. By using this ebook to find a way to make your technique continuously flow on a torso that is upright and available for conducting, then the pain and injuries will begin to disappear. You’ll finally realize that you don’t have a pay a physical price to be a wonderful conductor.

In this ebook, An Alexander Technique Approach to Conducting (Conductors’) Technique, I talk about the legs supporting the torso, and that you never need to immobilize the musculature of the legs to stand and conduct. It is possible to stand and conduct for hours and not pay a price physically in your legs, feet and lower back. Again, you do not have to lock a single muscle in the whole body to be fully and dynamically upright for long periods of conducting.

I also bring to this ebook my three year training as an Alexander Technique teacher. An Alexander Technique teacher taught me how to play the classical guitar without any discomfort and healed the carpal tunnel pain in my left wrist. I bring my experience of hurting and healing on the guitar, and my training in the Alexander Technique to this ebook, to make you aware that the conductor can conduct for hours without sacrificing the body in any way.

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AUTHOR, TRAINER "When you change old habitual movement patterns with the Alexander Technique, whether in playing a musical instrument, running, weightlifting, walking, or typing at a computer, you create an ease of body use that moves you consistently into the zone." - Ethan Kind Ethan Kind writes and is published extensively on all of the above activities. He teaches musicians, athletes, and computer operators how to stop hurting themselves, by showing them how to use their bodies with ease and coordination. He brings a unique perspective to his work, having been a musician and athlete all of his life. After training for three years at the American Center for the Alexander Technique (New York, NY), Ethan received Professional Certification credentials.