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Clearly written and most valuable.

Alexander Technique got back on my `radar screen’ a few weeks ago when I impulsively responded to an email ad for “An Alexander Technique Approach to Trombone Technique” by Ethan Kind. Being the first book to come to my awareness that applies AT specifically to the trombone.

I was VERY curious and, with only the slightest hesitation, bought a copy. I was not the least disappointed.

I began reading it immediately and almost never stopped until I finished, and I just started the second reading.

The writing is very clear, on target, and full of insights and ideas that were new to me, and ways of wording familiar ideas that were fresh and clarifying. This seems to be part of a recently released series of books for every instrument, and editions for trumpet, horn, and tuba are also available.

A significant portion of the content is general Alexander concepts relevant to all musicians, and no doubt duplicated in the books for other instruments. In the trombone version, the sections that are specific to brass and trombone are, in my opinion, excellent and so I recommend these books strongly to any brass player who is inclined toward this type of work, regardless of your level of knowledge of Alexander Technique.

by Art Jennings